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Increase privacy and security, reduce the reliance on air conditioning to lower energy bills, and improve your company’s aesthetic.


Sunshine Tinting offers superior window tinting services in Sarasota, FL. We provide high-quality work any business owner can be proud of. We stand by our service and ensure you will be happy with the results.

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What Type of Window Tinting Should You Get?

There are several different types of window tinting that are ideal for commercial spaces. Here are some popular options you can choose from:

Low-E Glass

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Thermal Management Films:

These films are a popular choice for commercial spaces. The applied coating reduces heat loss by reflecting radiant heat. They help balance temperatures in spaces where there are vast differences between outdoor and indoor temperatures.

Get Tinting Done by Experts with Years of Experience

We offer high quality commercial window tinting in Sarasota, FL. Our tint packages come with lifetime warranties. Our experienced techs offer efficient service and a high-quality product. 

The Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting:

Improves Security

Businesses are commonly targeted by thieves. Putting your assets on display can make them even more tempted to break in. If they see expensive items in your offices, they may decide to steal them.  Window tinting means no one can see into your building. Thieves won’t be as tempted to break in. They will reduce the expense, trauma, and hassle of business theft.

Reinforces Windows

Commercial window tinting increases security in another way. It reinforces windows to make it harder for thieves to break in. Thieves may try to break your windows to steal from your business. But once they realize how sturdy your windows are, they will have second thoughts-especially if an alarm is going off in the background!

Lowers Energy Bills

Commercial window tinting reduces the amount of sunlight that gets into your workspace, so it maintains a cooler temperature. It reduces your reliance on a cooling system. It will save you money on energy bills. Environmental customers may recognize your eco-friendliness and choose your company over competitors. The money you save will also help lower expenses and increase profitability.

Creates a More Comfortable Environment

Window tinting creates a more comfortable office environment because it keeps the workspace cooler. It also cuts down on glare that reflects on computer screens. It minimizes eye strain which can lead to a loss of productivity and reduce employee satisfaction and productivity.

UV Protection

Tinted windows protect your employees from UV rays. They help employees maintain optimal eye health. They will be more productive in the workplace, and lead to less need for eye-related medical visits.

Choose Sunshine Tinting for Commercial Window Tinting in Sarasota, FL.

Window tinting is an asset to any commercial space. However, it’s essential to hire an installation team you can count on. High-quality installation and expertise ensure your windows tint will endure the test of time and provide the aesthetics and energy savings you are looking for. 

Sunshine Tinting is a preferred provider of commercial window tinting in Sarasota, FL.

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